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1000M Chicago


Role: Brand Strategist and Project Manager


Team: Otherwise Incorporated

One of the South Loop’s most notable new skyscrapers, 1000M, hired the Otherwise team to develop their brand from the ground up. We started with an extensive brand strategy that joined vision from leadership with market research, neighborhood history, and cultural trends. The strategy informed the visual identity, teaser campaign, and initial social efforts, ultimately keeping the brand grounded through years of collateral and campaign concepts.


Part of our ongoing partnership was overseeing the yearly marketing campaigns, which had a national reach. We created an extensive media budget with over $300k of marketing assets and oversaw production schedules throughout the year. We coordinated with the efforts of a PR agency and SEO/digital marketing company to ensure that messaging stayed consistent across channels. Throughout the work, we curated blog and social media content that reflected the values of the 1000M brand, and our social efforts even landed us a shoutout in Chicago Magazine.

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