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I believe in the power of brand storytelling

Think about your favorite book. What makes it compelling? A hero’s journey? Detailed world building? Rich visual language? A beautifully-designed cover? I interpret brand storytelling as an interconnected system of strategic, written, and visual language that builds a bigger picture. Working in tandem, they capture every facet of a brand and create stronger, more compelling creative solutions. And that sounds like a pretty happy ending, right?

What I do


Strategy can make — or break — your creative vision. My process begins with stakeholder interviews and market research, which inform a document that details objectives, beliefs, attributes, and more. A thoughtful, intentional strategy functions as an anchor, tying your brand firmly to guiding principles as it’s translated across other applications.


Need a name for your new biz? Help with blog content? Email copy? I can write it all, from high-level strategies to detailed language across social media or websites. If you need a creative partner who will give your brand a strong, unique voice, I’m here to fuss over every noun and adjective.


While I lean towards writing as a preferred practice, I still dabble in design. When the need arises, I’m happy to consult on design elements, such as visual identities, website wire frames and design, photography options, social media executions, etc.


In my spare time, I wield a paintbrush and pen in the name of personal pursuits and custom commissions. I appreciate a balance of digital work and good ol’ pen and paper, whether it’s for a gift for a loved one or a tattoo concept. Throughout the years, one of my specialties has evolved into painting houses (#abbypaintshouses on Instagram).

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