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A Terrible, Terrible Introduction

Abby Brown Design blog introduction
I can't even decide on a header photo so here's a picture of the back of my head in Italy

Writing blogs has been on my resume for years now, and yet somehow, I’ve consistently talked myself out of starting one for myself. It seems to boil down to a lack of focus, which sounds bad… but stay with me. 

My creative brain wants to write about design industry news. The home chef in me wants to share recipes and my love of food. My inner gym fanatic would love to tell you about how much I love rock climbing and why you should too. Every time I think about starting a blog, the option paralysis is too much. 

I think it’s because I hate focusing on just one thing. Even in my professional life, I handle design, writing, social media, brand strategy, project management, and media planning. And I like it that way. Similarly, I can’t commit to one practice of wellness; I enjoy rock climbing, yoga, crossfit, and running. I won’t admit to a favorite genre of reading, because diving into Toni Morrison after reading a book about Mount Everest is too interesting. Deciding on a favorite food or movie? NEVER!

If this blog focused on just one thing, I would get bored within weeks. And nothing makes a bored reader more than a bored writer. So this blog is dedicated to whatever sparks my interest, and hopefully it’s relevant to you, too.


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